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Cuisine of the Sun Countries

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An elegant interior and design that reflects the Menu’s quality and attention to detail!

Authentic Menu

From Morocco to Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Lebanon and Greece, we want to take you on a culinary adventure!

Our Chief

Chef Samir Labriny has been honored as one of the top 12 chefs in the Washington area.

Featured Menu Items

Sliced Feta with Oregano and Olive Oil 7

served with assorted flat breads

Mediterranean Pizza Squares 9

Fresh mildly seasoned pizza sauce topped with fresh Mozzarella

Patatas Bravas 7

oven roasted potatoes with herbs and spices

Monaco Ragout 19

seasoned beef stewed with wine and vegetables

Fez Tagine of Beef 19

beef tagine slow roasted with prunes and sesame seeds

Couscous Casablanca 18

Couscous with vegetables topped with caramelized onions and chick peas

CASABLANCA (Min 4 Guests) 35 per person

Assorted Moroccan Salads
Appetizer Bastilla
Chicken with lemon and olives
Lamb with Honey and almonds

CAECILIAN (Min 4 Guests) 35 per person

Caesar Salad
Pasta Putanesca with shrimp
Chicken Scaloppini with white wine and artichoke

ANDALUSIAN (Min 4 Guests) 35 per person

Patatas Bravas
Empenadas (beef & Chicken)
Smoked Salmon Bruschetta
Paella Andalusia
Flan With Orange Blossom Water

Hummus Trio with Chef Samir’s Pita Points 11

traditional hummus, black bean hummus and white bean hummus served with toasted pita points

Salad of the Sun Countries 8

mixed greens with tomatoes, roasted red peppers, olives and house croutons

Assorted Moroccan Salads 9

Badinian (eggplant), carrots m’shermel, and cucumber tomato pepper salads

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